Cleavage Sleeping Bra

Cleavage Sleeping Bra

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Women's Cleavage Anti-Wrinkle Sleeping Bra. Check The Details To Know More
Anti-Wrinkle Sleeping Bra - Gently separates and supports the breasts while sleeping, preventing and minimizing the formation of cleavage lines and wrinkles.

Look & Feel - A variety of causes contribute to the production of cleavage creases, including hormonal changes, exposure to the sun, and a lack of subcutaneous fat in the cleavage area, making thin and small cup women susceptible to creases as well; nonetheless, gravity affects us all. It's the all-natural, risk-free way to have a smooth cleavage. You Should Look And Feel Your Best!

Adjustable Straps And X-Shaped Padded Front - The X-Shaped padded front gently separates and supports the breasts.
The weight of one breast against the other while lying on your side is enough to cause creases that will become permanent over time. At shoulder height, the adjustable straps are easy to access.

Ergonomic Design - Its ergonomic design is suitable for women with both tiny and large breasts.
The back is wide and seamless. For added comfort, the material is soft and elastic. THESE PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN TESTED IN CLINICAL TRIALS.

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