Wax warmer hair removal kit iciCosmetic™

The hot wax device's housing is composed of high-quality, temperature-resistant ABS. Because the noise is segregated, you don't have to worry about scorching yourself or your children during the heating process. Transparent plastic cover with three air holes: detachable, anti-hot, protects the wax from dust and allows you to observe the melting status clearly. The detachable inner crucible with a handle is simple to remove and use.
Wax warmer hair removal kit is constructed of top-grade heat-resistant ABS material and copper wire, as well as a nonflammable hard superb steel surface performance wax pot material. Overheat protection is built into the wax warmer. When the temperature becomes too high, the wax warmer will automatically shut down to guarantee your safety. Wax kit is appropriate for hard wax, soft wax, canned wax, wax beads, wax block, bee wax, and other types of wax.
This eyebrow wax package has 4 different wax beans: tea tree, strawberry, honey, and lavender (same scents). Wax beads melt smoothly, heat evenly, and spread evenly without breaking into pieces. Sensitive skin might benefit from wax beans containing natural plant components. Fill the saucepan with wax. To set the heating temperature, turn the knob clockwise to the maximum position. It takes around 10-15 minutes to melt the wax. Set the desired temperature once the wax has melted.
Give you a unique and exciting experience waxing at home at any time. This hard wax kit might save you a lot of time and money. You can do it yourself if you follow the directions. From obstinate coarse hair to fine fuzz in the armpit, bikini line, face, above the upper lip, arms, legs, and brow wax kit. From head to toe, your skin will be clean and silky. Avoid the uncomfortable issue of hairs coming back quickly after shaving for a few days.
Wax warmers electric heater 1 × electric wax warming pot (500ml), 4 × 50g/1.8oz hard wax packets, 8 × large wooden applicators, 4 × small wooden applicators are included in this waxing package. It's easy to clean and doesn't require any wax strips. Using this waxing kit for men and women, you may get rid of up to 98% of undesirable body hair. You may get a salon-like experience at home as well! Simply place the wax beans containing natural ingredients in the waxing warmer and heat the wax to a flowing condition using a spatula.