Ultrasonic silicone electric deep cleansing device iciCosmetic™

Our ultrasonic silicone electric deep cleansing device uses high vibration technology to provide thorough washing, successfully removing oils, grime, makeup residues, blackheads, and dead skin. Ultrasonic silicone electric deep cleansing device in comparison to a regular face cleanser, an electric brush may attach a cotton pad to a magnetic stainless steel ring to aid in makeup removal.

Essence Absorption & Lifting, using a mild temperature (40-45°C) and ultrasonic technology to absorb the essence. The V-Line Lifting feature will help you regain your youth and attractiveness. With a warm ultrasonic wave, the brush may also stimulate essence absorption, while the other side massages and shapes the V-line on your face. Soft Silicone Fiber and Fine Silicone Fiber, soft silicone fibre and fine fibre make the facial washing brush non-irritating to the skin. The coarse bristles are for the T-zone, while the fine bristles are for the entire face, including sensitive skin.
7 Speeds Available, allowing you to customise the strength of cleaning and massage to fit your specific demands. Waterproof and rechargeable, ultrasonic silicone electric deep cleansing device has a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 500mAh is built-in for long-term use. It does not replace the battery and can only be charged through USB. Its IPX7 water-resistant build makes it excellent for use in the shower.
Remove the magnetic suction ring and clean the makeup removal area with a cotton swab. To secure the makeup cotton, use a magnetic ring. Adjust the vibration frequency by opening and closing the lid. Makeup removal is aided by sonic vibration. Long press to turn off. Wet the face with water and apply a little amount of facial cleanser to the region of the brush. Begin the system. Deep cleaning is aided by sonic vibration. After cleaning, long press the power mode key to turn off the device.
Spread the essence evenly over the face, turn on the gadget, then quickly click the button to switch to the absorption mode. The shift button may be used to change the current intensity. Use the absorption feature, and Sonic vibration to help with tapping. To begin, long-press the power mode button to activate the sonic wave, which aids in lifting and massaging. Adjust the vibration frequency according to your preferences. Lift and shape the region to suit the skin upwards. Finish and shut down.