Foot Cushions Insoles Gel Pad iciCosmetic

Foot Cushions Insoles Gel Pad iciCosmetic

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 Having foot pain can be very discomforting and unpleasant. There are various reasons that are responsible for getting foot pain such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, etc.  If you are looking for a solution that will help to relieve your pain, then this Foot Cushions Insoles Gel Pad is the perfect option for you. These are the metatarsal gel pads that provide great relief from the pain.


It is super easy to use these gel pads. All you need to do is put them inside your footwear so that it can provide cushioned support to your feet.  These gels pads are super soft and have several air holes that allow air ventilation to reduce the pain and swelling of the foot. It also helps in reducing the discomfort that you feel during your work. It can be used by both men and women. It is quite thick and gives a fluffy feeling to your feet.

It is very comfortable and convenient to use these pads. It comes with a strong adhesive and therefore, it can be used with any pair of shoes. It is absolutely safe to use and will not cause any irritation or allergies. It is made from superior quality medical grade Silicon and it is highly durable for long-term use. it has an anti-slip design and does not have any smell. It comes in a free size that fits almost all sizes of feet.
It provides great relief from the pain caused by near the mass, arthritis, and other problems. These pads are completely free from latex and you can also wash and reuse it without any worries. You can use these pads while wearing your heels, sports shoes, flats, boots, etc. You can wear them daily while going to your work, cycling, running, gym etc. It can also absorb shock and gives maximum performance.


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