intelligent massager - 4d shoulder and neck massager

intelligent massager - 4d shoulder and neck massager

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The perfect tool to allow you to have all the benefits of therapy treatment in your home to bring you into deep relaxation. 


As we all know, maintaining good health is key to living a longer happier life. 

Are you suffering from Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, days after days. 

Are you suffering from stress after long day of work and it is causing you a lot of headaches, uncomfortable issues. Feeling your body fatigue?

In the long run, these pains and stresses can affect your life more than bothering, it can kill you in some way!

The Solution? 

Meet intelligent BNB™ neck massager. Relieve Neck and Shoulder discomfort by soothing pain points. The Massager uses low-frequency electrical impulses in association with TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to restore tired and sore neck muscles. Reduce neck strain and restore damaged cervical balance.

This a clinical quality device brings together the best muscle-relief therapies.

 Compact and modern design, engineered for daily use at home.



Unlike traditional neck massagers, the intelligent BNB™ neck massager brings a clinical-grade relief technology in an elegant and compact design. It uses a patented pulse heating system for instant relief and maximal comfort.

Our engineers created six different massage modes that emulate traditional acupuncture: vibration, pressure, electro-stimulation, shiatsu, pulse, and automatic, allowing your rigid connective tissue to relax almost instantly by accessing the depth of your trigger points. 


✅ Increase energy levels
✅ Improve blood circulation
✅ Decrease stress

✅ Relieve neck and back pain

✅ Reduce blood pressure

✅ Alleviate headaches

✅ Improve sleep

✅ Relieve muscle tension


Multiple hot pressure points will emit a light electric pulse 3 to 5 centimeters under the skin. This technique increases blood circulation, improves sleep quality and releases pain-relieving endorphins in the affected area.

 Enjoy a deep tissue massage that relieves pain points and reduces the discomfort associated with the cervical spine.


With its light weight, compact form factor, and stylish design, the BNB™ neck massager   is perfect for use during commutes. Just 15 minutes a day is all that's required to noticeable reduce neck and shoulder discomfort. You're never far from relief, as the Relux Serenity can be relied on to take the pressure off.


• Compact & Easy to Use: It's easy to find the time to benefit from the BNB™ neck massager. Compact form factor allows for easy usage during commutes.

• Safe and Convenient: Let your mind wander as you read, work, or relax. Default power off at 15 minutes allows for safe power consumption and peace of mind.


• Lasting Relief: The 1600mAh battery allows for one months use on a single charge*.


How to use it?

Using the BNB™ intelligent massager is very simple: put it around your neck and choose your favorite massage program with its remote control. Each program has a different objective: relaxation, relaxation, nervous stimulation. Choose your level of resistance among the 15 proposals via the remote control. The 1600 mAh battery has an incredible autonomy: enjoy 30 massages of 15 minutes.

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