Shimmer Highlighter Powder Palette Face Bronzer Brighten Skin iciCosmetic™

Shimmer Highlighter Powder Palette Face Bronzer Brighten Skin. Check The Details To Know More


Unique Heart Form - The rose gold casing with a metallic cluster exudes luxury, while the perfectly curved heart shape is feminine.

Innovative design that is simple to open and close.

Light To Wear - The pigment is thick and shimmery, yet it's not too heavy to wear. The powder is light and airy, and it's simple to open on the skin.

You can apply it to your face with your fingers. The skin is small and sparkling, with a natural hue that isn't as strong as it is in a box.

Easy To Remove - Makeup is not difficult to remove. Its particular blend of components allows it to stay on your face for a long period, even in hot weather, and it won't quickly make your makeup seem bad.

Mirror Inside - It comes with a little mirror on the interior. A little mirror has been placed in the small golden box to allow you to correct your makeup at any time.