Portable disposable paper soap iciCosmetic™

Our portable disposable paper soap, as well as scented slice sheets for washing and hand cleaning. Paper soap is compact and portable; a small piece of paper soap tablets can wash your hands, water can be completely dissolved, and it is an excellent companion for keeping your health clean. The soap sheet is made of high-quality environmental materials and pure natural plant extracts, and it is completely safe.
The soap leaves come in their own container that is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. Keep these in your handbag or even in your car so you can wash your hands whenever you need to! Ideal for travel, business trips, camping, hiking, BBQ, or any outdoor activity, simply put it in your backpack for everyday usage.
Lightweight and compact for cleaning hands and other surfaces; without the weight or mess of liquid or bar soap! For thorough washing, the Paper soap contains active decontamination agents (antibacterial enzymes). Cares for sensitive and allergy skin while removing microorganisms.
Do you have trouble cleaning your hands when you're on the go? Find more about the soap sheets! Portable disposable paper soap cleaning paper cleans and protects family members, hands by destroying germs and bacteria!

Portable Washing Hand Soap Paper Washing Hand Bath Clean Scented Slice Sheets for Outdoor Travel Mini Paper Soap in Disposable Boxes Paper soap is compact and convenient to transport. Portable disposable paper soap, a small number of paper soap tablets may clean you perfectly.

  • Box colors are delivered at random.
  • Place the soap sheet in your palm, add water, lather, and wash.
  • Made of soap and packaged in a plastic box, this item may be taken anywhere and used at any time.
  • Ideal for business trips, vacations, camping, hiking, and barbeques.
  • Hands are cleaned in every setting.
  • Small, light, and easily transportable.
  • Package: 80 soap sheets in 4 boxes of a value bundle.