Natural wood makeup brushes set iciCosmetic™

Natural wood makeup brushes set is suitable for both novices and expert makeup artists, this set includes a face brush, an eye brush, and an eyebrow brush to satisfy your everyday cosmetic needs. The lovely natural wood makeup brushes set is easy to transport when traveling. Natural wood makeup brushes, handcrafted from high-quality wood and metal nozzles, are sturdy and long-lasting. The unique non-slip coating design makes the product simpler to handle and operate, resulting in the optimum product experience.
High-quality make-up brushes are constructed of soft and thick excellent synthetic fibers that mix powder, liquid, cream, and other cosmetics perfectly. Sun-dried and easy to wash. Craftsmanship ensures long-term use. This traditional handle is soft and easy to grasp and does not slip.
Natural wood makeup brushes gift sets will delight any cosmetics enthusiast. Ideal for all events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and so on. Bring your partner or buddy the nicest surprises. The cosmetics brush kit's handles are constructed of high-quality hardwood material and high-performance metal with expert craftsmanship.
Natural wood makeup brushes 11/14 pcs set, precise makeup Brushes for Eye Shadow, Crease Shadow, Concealer, Blush, Contour, Foundation, Powder, Highlighter, Eyebrow, Lash, Blending, Lip Lining, and more are included in this collection. Lengths and density that fulfill all of your needs for daily makeup application.
Cosmetic brush bristles are well manufactured of superior synthetic fiber, ultra-soft and thick, no shedding, no skin irritation, and perfect for even sensitive skin. To apply cosmetics, they should be soft but firm. With just one brush set, you can achieve a beautiful makeup finish. These cosmetic brushes will be available in a variety of sizes as well as different materials and bristle shapes.
  • Non-slip wooden handle
  • Premium Synthetic bristles
  • Best Gift Brushes
  • Versatile brush set
  • Hand-crafted and durable
  • Package: 11/14 pcs premium brush set