Nursing mat elderly bed turn over assistant bedsore pad iciCosmetic™

We have come up with this amazing Nursing Mat Elderly Bed Turn Over Assistant Bedsore Pad that provides great support to elder and bedridden patients. You can easily raise and turn your legs while sleeping or resting with the help of this pillow.
It comes with a U-shaped groove that gives a great fit to your legs. It is made from a superior quality sponge and is highly durable for long-term use.It is completely waterproof and will not get deformed. It makes nursing super easy and convenient.
This pillow helps to eliminate the discomfort, pain or pressure from your knees, back, and hips. It will also support blood circulation and will provide relief from swelling or pain. It also has two handles on both sides that you can pull to turn the patients or elders.
The outer material of this pillow is made of PU leather that is quite soft and skin-friendly. It is a very lightweight pillow, wear-resistant and perfect for everyone. It comes in one size to provide comfort and support. You can also wash this pillow cover as it is equipped with a hidden zipper and can be removed easily.
The softness of this pillow will also help to prevent any kind of injuries. It is one of the best options for nurses and caregivers. It also prevents muscleatrophy, soreness, etc.. It is very easy to use and is ideal for elder people, handicapped, bedridden patients, etc.