30Pcs Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set

30Pcs Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set

30Pcs Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set

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30Pcs Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set. Check The Details To Know More

Soft Makeup Brush Bristles - The bristles of the soft makeup brush are comprised of high-quality synthetic fibers. The 0.06mm cosmetic bristles provide softer care for the skin than typical brushes, making makeup application a pleasure. The makeup brushes are very fine and thick, making them suited for even the most delicate skin.

Excellent Makeup Application - The bristles are very fluffy and have a great ability to absorb powder, making them ideal for blending powder, liquid, and cream. The brush rarely sheds powder, and the powder is applied more uniformly, ensuring that the makeup is flawless.

Handle of High Quality - Made of high-quality wooden materials, it is robust and light, and it is comfortable to hold. Each interface takes advantage of the most advanced connectivity technologies available. Long-term use is still a viable option. The cool black coffee hue gives the cosmetics brush a high-end and fashionable appearance.

Magnetic Cosmetic Brush Case - This high-capacity makeup brush case can hold a lot of brushes, and the exterior skin is made of leather. The magnetic opening helps to preserve the makeup brush and makes it easier to carry.

It is the ideal choice for gifts because of its elegant and cool appearance.

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