12pcs Lip Liner Pencil iciCosmetic™

A lip liner collection with an extensive array of creamy, long-lasting, and waterproof formulas to customize lip looks.

With a high precision texture that defines the lip line. The Lip Pencil provides perfect, all over, opaque lip coverage. it offers addictively creamy coverage that’s so lightweight, it feels like nothing on your lips.
Lip Liner is a product that effectively completes makeup, although not visually. When you don’t use these magic pens, you will feel the lack of it.
any women offer this product in the form of a set of 12 different colors because of the difficulty in choosing colors. You will have every color without the choice problem.


✅ Help you define a charming exquisite lip whenever and wherever.
✅ Soft and smooth.
✅ Help to show the coloration of lipstick.
✅ Long lasting.
✅ Waterproof.
 Very easy to apply evenly with a smooth and soft texture.