Handmade volume eyelashes iciCosmetic™

Professional's pointy based prepared fans eyelashes are manufactured entirely by hand from the best grade PBT material. Our Handmade volume eyelashes are a tried and true product used by skilled eyelash technicians all over the world. They are composed of the softest and darkest material and have a little foundation. We aim for the highest quality control standards throughout the production process, from raw material sourcing through product evaluation. As a result, our Premades are considerably superior to other machine-made premade.
Our handmade volume eyelashes, prefabricated fans eyelashes are sold in boxes of 480 - 600 fans, which is four times the number of other volume lash trays. Premade fans handmade volume eyelashes, Professional are hand-checked to ensure that there are no damaged lashes before they are released to the market. Premade fan eyelashes are the most cost-effective option.
The thickness of pointy based readymade fans eyelashes is 6D - 0.07 mm | 8D - 0.07 mm | 10D - 0.05 mm | 12D - 0.03 mm, lightweight lash for eyelash extensions, and easy to wear. Our final set of handcrafted volume eyelashes, prefabricated fans eyelashes is light, fluffy, and has a matte black finish. All of our fan bases are small enough to be applied easily.
Pointy base readymade fans eyelashes sets may last 4-6 weeks if properly applied. When it comes to readymade fans, application and glue dipping are crucial for long-term retention. Pointy based premade fans eyelashes are great for any eye shape and provide natural-looking curls to help your clients augment their natural eyelashes. This is certainly one of the finest things you can do to assist them in achieving a very gorgeous appearance.
Premade fans eyelashes have swiftly expanded from a one-person shop to one of the leading manufacturers of handcrafted lash extensions. It includes 480-600 fans. Choose from C, D, curls, and so on. With a silky matte black finish and made of pro-silk, Choose between 9mm-11mm-13mm in length, each box has one size and curl, has light glue bonding at the bottoms, and is featherlight with a tiny foundation. Vegan, latex-free, and cruelty-free.