Hairline shadow powder iciCosmetic

Hairline shadow powder iciCosmetic

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Our hairline shadow powder use of root touch-up powder is incredibly straightforward. The impact is fairly noticeable after use. It works best between the hair's root and the scalp. Choose a hair powder root colour that complements your hair colour for a better result. Grey hair root concealer is really simple to apply. The impact is fairly noticeable after use. It works best between the hair's root and the scalp.

Instantly conceal grey hair with, cruelty-free formula. The major element in hair powder is beeswax, which is gentle on the hair. Use a powder puff to help grey hair roots restore strength rapidly. The colour is stable. Allow the hair to be puffy. Hair Root Dye Covers Gray Hair Instantly, Cruelty-Free the major component is beeswax, which does not harm the natural state of the hair.

Open the powder puff, dip the hair tip in the appropriate quantity of root touch-up powder, gently run your finger along the white hairline root, and fill the colour tidy hairline. Alternatively, carefully massage the powder from light to dark along the hairline. Tap your fingers together. Very simple to use, portable packing that is easy to transport. Open the product, take out the powder puff, and softly distribute it over the hair to be coloured.

The roots of the hair powder are little and exquisite, making them easy to transport. You have the option of changing your hair whenever you choose, whether before going out, on a business trip, on a date or for any other occasion. Fill in the colour neat hairline by gently running your finger along the white hairline's base. Alternatively, gently work the powder down the hairline from light to dark. Make a fist with your hands.

Sweat-proof and simple to clean. Free of parabens, sulphates, and peroxide. Pocket packaging is ideal for storing in a handbag or backpack. In one minute, you can cover up your hair. 12g Hair shadow fibre for root concealment, compact and light with a powder puff, convenient to carry and use. Suitable for all locations and hair types. You may wipe with your fingerers to make the bloom more realistic. A tiny quantity of powder can be dipped each time. Slowly apply from top to bottom.

  • Instantly cover grey hair
  • Temporary hair powder
  • Quality assurance
  • Simple to apply
  • Cover up your hair in 1 minute
  • Quick hair colour up
  • Convenient to carry
  • Safe ingredients
  • Useful hairline powder
  • 5 Colours: Black, Coffee, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Ash Brown
  • Specification: 12g

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