Hair straightener infrared & ultrasonic flat irons iciCosmetic™

Our hair straightener infrared & ultrasonic flat irons, hair care innovation to get a better outcome in a healthy manner. Creates a new trend in hair care by using cold therapies. Under normal conditions, it changes the structure of the molecules and immediately gasifies the water. Efficient in dissolving the atoms contained in hair conditioner for improved absorption of hair nutrients.

Allows water, nutrients, and protein to enter the cortex without heating. To produce hair, it closes the gaps in the hair cuticle stratum and the hair squama. The LCD digital display makes it simple to use, and the 360 degree-professional swivel cord allows you to style at any angle without tangling. It may be used everywhere because of its universal voltage (100-240V).
If the ultrasonic two CLP handles are closed for 10 seconds, the Sleep & Safe mode function turns it off. Open and shut the two handles to activate the ultrasonic for another 10 seconds. Simply push the [+]/[-] buttons to adjust the hair care time from 2 to 18 seconds. Infrared & Ultrasonic Levels: 7 Levels
Closes the hair squama gap, allowing hair to grow. Restores damaged hair. Restores the suppleness of the hair fibre. Wherever you go, you'll have a velvety finish. Innovative steam hair straightening technology locks in moisture protect hair from damage, minimises frizz, increases shine, and provides a longer-lasting style.
The strength of infrared ultrasonic hair protection, ultrasonic magnetic vibration, and far-infrared rays may all be changed sequentially using the LCD panel. 14 infrared rays and PET heating technology evenly distribute heat, reducing hair damage and breakage while stimulating hair follicles to encourage hair growth.