Hair removal hard wax beans iciCosmetic™

We want to make sure that our consumers can get rid of those pesky hairs! Our firm wax beads are ideal for eliminating hair from the bikini region, as well as other areas of the body such as the legs, back, arms, face, nose, and even the chest! We want our product to be utilized by anybody and it is suitable for both men's and women's skin. It's ideal for melting pearls into high-quality wax using a waxing warmer! With our product, you'll have smooth skin!
 Creating our wax beans provides you with extra wax to use at home instead of paying a lot of money+ for waxing at a salon. After using our Wax Beans, your skin will be silky smooth and your entire body will be perfect, from your legs to your face. Our solution is the greatest for hair removal, and it is less expensive than going out!
It is suitable for almost everyone who knows how to wax! We want as many people as possible to utilize our strip-free and painless wax! Our waxing beads have worked beautifully for everyone who has used them thus far! We want bikini season to be less stressful for you so that you don't have any unwanted hair on your body, legs, or back! Hair removal is unpleasant, particularly on the face, but ours is simple to apply and painless.
The product has been professionally designed and tested, and we want to ensure that it can be used in all households and enterprises! Our wax beads are an excellent addition to any home or spa! With our waxing kit, all you need is warmer to get started waxing! These waxing beans are comprised of high-quality wax that will remove those difficult-to-remove tough hairs! Remove any unwanted hairs from your bikini area, body, leg, back, face, or chest. 
This kit is built of high-quality materials that outperform all of our competitors. We guarantee that you will receive high-quality wax pearls that will result in the smoothest skin possible! Our hard wax beads are vibrant and will look excellent in your house or office. Simply open our product and begin melting, then waxing. Our members want you to wax yourself and your clients. Our product will be unlike anything you've ever seen! It's fashionable, simple to use, and of good quality. Net Weight 400G.