Anti Grease Volumizing Hair Powder iciCosmetic™

Anti Grease Volumizing Hair Powder refreshes your hair and scalp by absorbing grease and oil without water and does not leave a white residue. With easy-to-apply powder that blends and complements your hair color and gives you a natural finish look.


Prevents the damage to your hair from daily washing and blow-drying. It absorbs excess oil from hair instantly, gone are the greasy hair days; also adds volume and transform hair from oily to a fresh look.

This hair powder is dermatologically tested that's why it's safe on your scalp and suitable for all hair types as well; natural or color-treated hair. Naturally fluffy, helps repair hair damage and unscented flavor.


✅ Gives Volume to Any Hairstyles.
✅ Mushroom Powder Puff Ensures no Mess.
✅ Absorb Excess Oil Instantly.
✅ No Harmful Chemicals, Expedient, and Easy to Use.
✅ Unscented.