Flawless eyeliner tool iciCosmetic™

Make a statement with our flawless eyeliner tool. Designed to keep your hand stable, use the liner tool to quickly and gently glide the rich pomade across your lids for beautiful, crisp lines. The long-lasting formula ensures that you'll look great all day! Because it is made of silicone, this unique brush is both safe and gentle on the skin.

With the flawless eyeliner tool, you can easily create a smooth, accurate liner. Line your eyelids in your preferred manner as this beauty tool and creamy, thick pomade combo glides smoothly along with lids without dragging or straining! Say good-bye to smearing and unintentional raccoon-eye.
With the flawless eyeliner tool, you can save time on your makeup. The ergonomic grip and steadying finger rest serve as aids, allowing you to apply eyeliner with more precision in seconds. Make a dramatic, dazzling statement with your eyes, whether you're a beginner or an expert.
The long-lasting components of the flawless eyeliner tool are waterproof and sweat-resistant, allowing for all-day shine. Aim to use it everywhere, as its lightweight will make it easy to transport, and the anti-slip handle will make it easy to hold in your hands.
This brush will undoubtedly be handy and portable to clean without a gradient when used, and you may use it to shape delicate detailed eyes makeup effects and eyeliners. The product's length is 18cm. It is appropriate for eye makeup and the contouring of eye lines.