Black Double-ended Eye Liner Pencil iciCosmetic™

Black Double-ended Eye Liner Pencil iciCosmetic™

Black Double-ended Eye Liner Pencil iciCosmetic™

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Black Double-ended Eye Liner Pencil. Check The Details To Know More

Eyeliner Pens with Two Ends - Each wing eyeliner stamp tool pen has two ends. One end is for stamping, while the other has a very small point for precisely delineating the rest of the eye. For a more dramatic look, you may even use the size of the liner as a stencil.

Waterproof & Long-Lasting - This Long-Lasting eyeliner has a quick-drying formula, is waterproof, sweatproof, and oil resistant, and does not smudge for a long time. You can party all night long with this waterproof eyeliner pencil, even if you're swimming or sweating.

It's Never Been Easier to Make Perfect Eye Liner Wings - It's never been easier to make perfect eyeliner wings. To make the same wing on both sides, line up the stamp from the corner of your eye to the end of your brow. Each stamp eyeliner has a natural cat eye effect because of the curvature.

Easy To Use - This stamp makes it simple to have gorgeous eyeliners, whether you're a newbie or someone who uses eyeliners on a daily basis. Eyeliner thickness may be regulated based on strength and angle, making it simple to draw a precise eyeliner.

Novices can easily control only two steps:
1. Uplifted Eyeliner With Steam One Press
2. Make A Smooth Eyeliner With One Stroke

Three Delicate Eye Makeup Step Outlines:
✅ At the end of the eye step, the stamp pen is gently stamped along with the inverted triangle.
✅ Draw a thin line with eyeliner from the end of the eye step to the inverted triangle.
✅ Draw once more to increase the depth of the eyes.

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