Electric V Face Lifting Double Chin Reducer Facial Slimming Shaping

Our V‑Face Massager can help you tighten your skin and shape the perfect facial line for you. Make your face smaller and smoother, V-shaped face creator. Ergonomic design perfectly fits human face contour, foldable ring shapes meet all the face shapes.

Our V-face Shaping Massager simulates real muscle movement, improve face contour and shape V face. Improve masseter, promote firmness, avoid swelling, reduce fine lines, and highlight the pointed chin.

Our special facial massager can improve skin cell vitality, improve skin problems, soothe facial muscles, improve the strength of fine muscles, increase facial elasticity, tighten facial muscles, and shape a V‑shaped face.

Our facial lifting machine has an intelligent remote control design, simple and convenient for operation. Humanized and travel design can be used anytime and anywhere. Easy to use while watching TV, doing housework, sleeping or travelling, meet different demands.

Shaping process:
1. The time for first-time users should not exceed 10 minutes per day.
2. Shaping is a long-term process. High-strength use is not equal to better effect, which needs to be gradually adapted to complete. Use at least 2 times a week when the outline is becoming more prominent, and stop using it when it is full firm

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