Electric painless eyebrow shaver iciCosmetic™

Our electric painless eyebrow shaver trimmer's sharp, rounded-tip blades not only enable perfect touch-ups but also swiftly eliminate unwanted hair without nicking or tugging. It makes precise trimming easy and effective thanks to double-sided blades (full-size trimmer and small-detail trimmer). Portable size makes it simple to transport and utilise.
The electric brow razor has a trendy sleek wand design, fits easily in your palm, is very easy to use, and follows the natural shape of your skin with accuracy. The eyebrow epilator is small and slender, easily fits into any pouch or makeup bag, making it ideal for both travel and home use. Safety, portability, and sensitivity are all important considerations.
This precise eyebrow trimmer may be used to trim the face, chin, upper lips, neck, peach fuzz, eyebrows, cheeks, ears, and even beards. This facial hair trimmer comes with a precise snap-on grooming comb attachment in two sizes, allowing you to skillfully trim and shape your brows to the ideal length while maintaining a clean, confident appearance.
Electric painless eyebrow shaver is cordless and powered by a simple USB charging cable. The rated voltage is DC 3.7V, and the output efficiency is 1.85W. Before shipment, all Instant Precision Eyebrow Trimmers, Facial Hair Trimmers are thoroughly tested. It takes to ensure that you are completely delighted with your purchase.
The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport. Furthermore, the long-lasting blade is hypoallergenic and extremely soft on your skin, causing no irritation, redness, soreness, or tugging feeling! Gentle enough to use every day, it provides outstanding epilation performance, giving you exquisite and long-lasting smoothness.
  • Perfect shape, small size.
  • Fit for all beauty-seeking females.
  • Size: 155 x 22 x 16mm approx.
  • 15000 RPM rotational speed.
  • DC 3.7V is the rated voltage.
  • Weight: Approximately 40g
  • USB charging is the charging mode.
  • 500mAh battery.
  • Charge time: around 2 hours.

  • Contents of the package:
  • 1 The main body of the brow trimmer
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 Knife sleeve for adjusting blade length
  • 1 eyebrow comb
  • 1 spare blade
  • 1 User Manual