Electric feet callus remover kit iciCosmetic™

Our electric feet callus remover kit is simple to clean thanks to its high-level waterproof construction. It may be immediately cleaned under running water after usage. The remover also includes an LED illumination capability. When the tool is in use, the LED light illuminates, allowing you to view the removal of dead skin whether it is day or night. It has three distinct quartz microcrystal rollers. For everyday foot treatment, use a fine roller. For eliminating dead skin, use a roller on a regular basis.
This callus remover has a rechargeable battery. We include a charging cable, so you can start charging right away after connecting your USB; no need to worry about running out of energy. It also has two speeds, which you can change by hitting the power button. Electric foot file with unique rollers grinding spins 360 degrees and has two speeds (Gentle/1800 rpm and Powerful/2200 rpm). It was created to gently remove dead hard skin from calloused and cracked feet, bringing your elegant heel and attractive feet without the need for a foot SPA.
When the skincare gadget is in use, the LED panel displays the remaining power, which serves as a handy reminder to charge it on time. Furthermore, we have three distinct roller head specifications: coarse, normal, and fine. You may select a roller head with an appropriate specification according to your calluses. By pushing the button adjacent to the roller head, you may quickly remove and replace it. With our effective foot pedicure equipment, you can now get professional results at home.
foot callus remover's body is composed of ABS plastic, which is strong and long-lasting. It is not enormous in size, quite light, and easy to transport when traveling or on business trips without interfering with your regular exfoliation treatment. In addition to private use, it is ideal for serving customers in salons and massage parlors. We refined the chip and internal structure, decreased noise and vibration, and included a light to help you see the targeted area better. Ideal for men and women who want to remove dead skin safely and professionally at home.
A fantastic package of foot skincare products. It comes with 3 different types of roller heads, as well as a charger, brush, and other supplies. A comprehensive set of suits gives expert assistance with your foot care. Electric callus removers foot include a built-in LED screen that clearly displays the level of power remaining, so you don't have to worry about running out of power. Ideal for use at home and on the go. Foot hard skin remover After only 3 HOURS of complete charge, the built-in 1200 mAh Li-ion battery will last for many DAYS. Power: 3W, two power gears, Charging time: 5 hours, charging voltage: 5V 1A, operating time: up to 2 hours.