Electric facial cleanser massage brush iciCosmetic

Electric facial cleanser massage brush iciCosmetic

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Our electric facial cleanser massage brush is hypoallergenic and water-resistant. It is suitable for sensitive, fragile, or dry skin, and it may exfoliate and eliminate oil from the face. Dead patches and filth can also be cleansed, as can difficult-to-clean and oil-prone places like the nose and ear roots. Gentle cleansing, brightening the complexion, and gentle cleansing of sensitive and delicate skin. All skin types are suitable.

Women and men all around the world are utilising electric facial cleanser massage brush not just to remove dead skin cells, but also as a delightful, relaxing routine that they can look forward to at the end of each day. Electric facial cleanser massage brush vibrations of the face washing brush assist promote blood flow and circulation in your face, making your skin seem smooth, fresh, and youthful.
Sonic face cleaning brush uses sonic vibration technology to deliver 6 vibration choices for your skin. Option 1-2: Daily clean mode. Option 3-4: Soft mode, which is appropriate for delicate skincare. Option 5-6: Deep cleaning mode, with a strong and forceful sonic pulse and a vibration frequency of up to 6000 times per minute. You are free to set the suitable frequency to your liking.

Electric facial cleanser massage brush that dermatologists suggest because of its ability to remove congested makeup that may easily be overlooked and become lodged in your pores when using a traditional cleanser and towel, resulting in spots and blackheads. The face brush is the ideal size for slipping into your shower or slipping into your overnight vacation luggage to ensure that your cleaning routine is never overlooked.
The cleaning pad brush head of the sonic face cleansing scrubber is meant to be used on both sides. One side features three different types of brushes to suit different cleaning needs. A general cleaning zone for skin tone restoration, a fine cleaning zone for dead skin cells, and a deep cleaning zone for makeup, oils, and pollutants. The reverse side contains rough corrugated lines for massaging and skin-soothing. Deeply purify and improve acne-prone skin, allowing it to be fully cleaned throughout the year.

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