Curve contourer makeup tool iciCosmetic™

Our curve contouring makeup tool will carve out your face precisely and with incredible precision. This Makeup Template is a beautifully designed contour tool that seamlessly embraces your cheekbones, nose, and jaw to give you that sought professional appearance. The Makeup Template is made of finely calibrated quality plastic and is really easy to use.
Made with high-quality plastic, the exquisite ideal contour is easy to use, saves time, and provides your face with the desired contour even if you're new to creating facial contours. 2 x multi-function face contour makeup stencils, Size: about 12*4cm; lightweight, robust, and portable.
Its design assures that you will always achieve perfection, even if this is your first time contouring. The Makeup Template includes extensive instructions and a step-by-step tutorial. The Makeup Template is suitable for all face shapes. It is lightweight and extremely robust, making it suitable for everyone from students to seasoned professionals.
Lightweight and long-lasting. Everyone from undergraduates to seasoned professionals can benefit from this course. With the new ama's incredible precision, you can have your face carved out perfectly. The Zing Perfect Contourer tool gently accentuates your cheekbones, nose, and jaw to give you that desired professional touch.
It makes no difference what shape you are. This contour tool comes in a number of forms and sizes, making it suitable for various face shapes, including oval, round, and spherical. The magnificent Perfect Contoured, crafted from perfectly tuned quality plastic, is simple to use at best, saves time, and provides your face with the correct contour even if you're a rookie to facial contour creating.