Compression Brace For Hip Sciatica Protector Belt Support iciCosmetic™

Are you having an injury in your groin area, hips, hamstring, etc? Well, it must be quite painful to function and therefore, we have come up with a great solution that will ease your pain and will provide you with great relief. With the help of this Compression Brace For Hip Sciatica Protector Belt Support, you can now get many benefits.

This protective belt comes with an ergonomic design that helps you to get fast recovery from any kind of injury that you have in your groin, hip, sciatica, etc. It provides a great compression that restores everyday moments. It also helps to decrease the tension on your muscles by providing great stability and warmth. It helps to increase your blood flow that will help in fast recovery.

 This also provides soothing relief from the pain. This comes in a universal size and has an adjustable band. You can easily wear them on your right or left leg. The straps of this belt come with strong Velcro that helps to provide you with a great fit according to your size. It is also skin-friendly that will not cause any irritation or allergies to your skin.

This protective belt comes with an anti-slip design that helps to keep this belt in place. It prevents them from sliding downwhile doing any kind of physical activity or exercise. It is completely comfortable to wear and provide effective results. It is made up of neoprene and it is completely breathable to allow the passage of air. It provides great support and will keep you dry and cool.