Breast milk storage bags iciCosmetic™

Our breast milk storage bag is constructed of food-grade materials, is BPA and BPS free, is friendly and safe, non-toxic, and sanitary. Our aim is to provide good care for every newborn. To avoid leakage, the Breast Milk Storage Bags have been hygienically pre-sealed with sturdy material and double-zipper protection. These bags are ideal for storing breastmilk in the freezer, refrigerator, or when traveling. It's a wonderful present for your adorable baby.
Breast milk freezer bags are pre-sterilized before packing, leaving no contamination residue in the bags, assuring their safety, and assisting in the preservation of mother milk. Please keep in mind that the milk storage bag is meant to stand on its own. If the scale is off, please expand the milk storage bag completely. These ready-to-use breastmilk storage bags are made of strong two-layer material and have a built-in double zipper closure to keep your breastmilk safe in the refrigerator or freezer.
The breast milk storage bag is thickened to 0.11mm so that it can handle extreme pressure without breaking, as well as high temperature and heat resistance. And the volume scale is precisely calibrated; the maximum capacity of the Breast Milk Bag is 6-Oz, each box contains 60/90/180 counts, and the milk storage bags have a lovely design. This one-of-a-kind feature also enables rapid thawing of frozen milk. The bags are constructed of BPA-free food-grade plastic.
Precision-made breast milk storage bag with multiple zippers to prevent air from entering and leaking, allowing breast milk nourishment to be locked in. The bag's labeling allows you to easily record the name and date of your breast milk for simple identification and preservation. The Medela Breast Milk big 6-ounce Storage Bags are intended to lay flat for easy storage.
Built-in spout for easy pouring of breast milk, eliminating overly big holes that might lead to waste. The breast milk bag is self-standing and may be placed in the fridge vertically or horizontally to conserve room. Our breastmilk storage bags stand on their own and include a big write-on space where you can record the date and other important information for safer storage and usage.