Blood glucose meter test iciCosmetic™

Our blood glucose metre test kit features a five-electrode novel test strip, an improved algorithm, a high-performance SOC chip, and a secondary calibration test. This blood sugar meter's indicators are all higher than the international standard.

If there is no operation, the Blood glucose metre monitor will turn off to preserve the battery. However, once you insert the test strip, it will turn on automatically. The encrypted batch code on each test strip may be recognised by the monitor, eliminating the need to manually insert codes for each new batch. There will be no more code, and there will be no more operator mistakes.
The glucose measurement is obtained in 5 seconds with this glucose monitor and a tiny blood sample. The lancing device has five depth settings to help minimise wounds and agony. It can also auto-pop out test strips and lancets, eliminating the need for human processing and reducing infection.
The blood glucose metre monitor system has a one-touch strip and lancet ejection, which eliminates the need to manually remove the contaminated strip/lancet. Pain can be reduced by using a lancing device with five various depth settings.
You get 1 blood glucose metre, 50/100 testing strips, 50/100 lancets, 1 lancing instrument, 1 carrying travel case, 1 user manual, and 1 quick instruction card are included. The kit satisfies the testing requirements of all diabetic patients. Only the same branded test strips can be used with the blood glucose metre. Other metres will not operate with test strips. Both cannot be used interchangeably.