Arthritis ultrasound physiotherapy waist body massager device

Arthritis ultrasound physiotherapy waist body massager device

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Our arthritis ultrasound physiotherapy waist body pain relief massager device is a high-quality, user-friendly therapeutic ultrasound device that employs the same technology that has been utilized by physiotherapy experts for over 60 years. Ultralieve is intended to help with the healing of sprains and strains as well as to reduce discomfort. Ultralieve employs pulsed ultrasound, a non-thermal ultrasound that is both safe and effective.
Ultralieve is a class 2 medical device that employs therapeutic technology that is well-regarded by medical professionals. The therapy with Ultralieve may be adjusted to the injury type and site by providing three alternative intensity levels. Ultralieve is a drug-free treatment that provides pain relief while also hastening the body's natural healing process. Ultrasound is a high-quality, user-friendly therapeutic ultrasound instrument.

Ultralieve is a pulsed therapeutic ultrasound device with a frequency of 1 Megahertz (MHz). Ultralieve uses very high-frequency vibration to reach deep into the skin's surface (up to 5cm) to help heal and reduce pain. The vibration energy, which is too high to feel, accelerates the body's natural healing process, allowing you to return to your best. A Class IIa medical device that is used to treat soft tissue aches, strains, and pains.

Ultrasound considerably lowers pain during passive and active activity, enhancing the range of motion in individuals with knee osteoarthritis. After ultrasound intervention, pain decreased in individuals with newly diagnosed knee osteoarthritis. The same technology that experts utilize. Ultrasound is your own physiotherapy treatment that you may use at home, at work, or on the road.
Ultrasound has been demonstrated to be beneficial in removing calcium deposits. Ultrasound treatment of individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome increased finger pinch and hand grip strength, decreased discomfort, and improved nerve conduction. The short-term pain pressure sensitivity of myofascial trigger points was greatly decreased by ultrasound.
  • ✔️Mode: 3 Gears
  • ✔️Relieve Pain in all body
  • ✔️ldeal for reducing scar tissue
  • ✔️Cellulite reduction
  • ✔️Reduce inflammation fast
  • ✔️Sciatica pain arthritis pains and joint pain
  • ✔️Sports injuries-Neck & shoulder pains
  • ✔️Ankle injuries, groin injuries
  • ✔️Frequency: 1MHz
  • ✔️Smart Timer: 5 /10 /15min
  • ✔️Effective Radiation Area (AER): 4cm²
  • ✔️Temperature: 42℃ Constant Temperature
  • ✔️Effective Ultrasound Wave: 3.0W/cm
  • ✔️Rated Voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • ✔️Product Size: 202 x 49 x 70mm
  • ✔️Weight: 1.54lbs

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