Arch support shoe insert gel set iciCosmetic™

They're soft rather than rigid like other items! Simply slip them on, feel the pad compress beneath your foot, and stroll your way to a more active lifestyle. Reduce discomfort in the arch, knee, hip, and lower back. Suitable for people who suffer from foot valgus, X-legs, walking difficulties, and so on. Fits the heart position, stimulates blood circulation, and is healthier for you.
While other arch support sleeves may be too tight, too loose, or not supportive enough, Arch support shoe insert original gel pads stretch to suit your feet and remain in place with a snug-fitting sock to provide long-lasting relief from flat feet and plantar fasciitis foot and heel discomfort.

Without correct support, heel discomfort, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and flat feet suffer! You'll be back to hiking, bicycling, or jogging in no time with our comfortable, unobtrusive, and efficient arch gels! tightly bound, not easily dislodged It is convenient and quick, and it may be reused several times.
Aids in the prevention of illness and the repair of flat feet. The arch pad's centre is constructed with a circular bulge that gives a massaging effect. Assist in the correction of flat feet and fallen arches. Inside, a gel arch shock absorption gasket protects your transverse arch.
Get two silicone arch support sleeves to cushion your feet and reduce arch and heel discomfort. Our silicone arch support set is flexible but firm, simple to clean, and long-lasting, allowing you to wash and reuse it several times. Simple to transport, ideal for both men and women, and suited for all sorts of shoes.
  • High quality
  • Silicone material
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Strong adsorption
  • Ageing resistance
  • Arched design
  • More ergonomic
  • Package: 1 pair (2pcs) arch gel insert