2 in 1 Bikini Shaver Electric Hair Trimmer Safety Painless For Women iciCosmetic™

For most women, body hair is real trouble. It requires a lot of time to remove your hair through waxing and not to forget the pain involved. If you are looking for a painless method to remove all your body hair, then this 2 in 1 Bikini Shaver Electric Hair Trimmer Safety Painless For Women is a perfect option for you.
The design of this electric shaver is quite ergonomic and stylish. It is specially designed for women. It is very easy to use this shaver on your body as it comes with two different sharing heads. You can use this shaver comfortably all around your body such as legs, arms, face or bikini area. It can remove all your hair without any hassle or pain.
This is one of the most convenient methods to get rid of your body hair on a regular basis. This tool is perfect for sensitive skin as it comes with a safety cutting head that removes all your body hair gently without causing any cuts. It has a round and smooth head that will fit your skin without any harm. It is designed with hypoallergenic foil that is absolutely safe for your skin. It also has a built-in all brassswivel bearingand a high-speed motor that will give you efficient results. It also has a long-lasting battery.
This is also a wet and dry bikini trimmer. It is IPX4 waterproof so that you can shave your hair while showering without any trouble. It comes with a detachable shaving head so that you can remove your hair conveniently from different body parts. The protective mesh in the front head along with a built-in blade will help to clean the area while preventing the bacteria’s growth. This electric shaver gives you a noise-free experience and is perfect for everyone.
This women electric shaverconsists of a built-in battery that can be recharged quickly with the help of a USB charging cable. You can also recharge this shaver using your computer, laptop, mobile charger, etc. It is the most compact and portable tool. You can carry it in your bag as it does not take much space and is super convenient. This is a perfect tool that you can take while going on a camping, business trip, family trip, etc. It has a slim design and is extremely lightweight so that you can hold the shaver without any hassle. It also has a nonslip pellet design that will give you a great grip.