Neck Pulse Massager Cervical Traction Device

Our Neck Pulse Massager Cervical Traction Device, Neck tension is relieved, which increases flexibility and range of motion. The Dynamic Wedge Pneumatic cervical traction device helps straighten the cervical vertebra by creating inclination traction. Intelligent steady temperature can help to increase blood flow and eliminate cold and dampness in the neck. Increase the temperature while tractioning for a better result.

Our Neck Pulse Massager Cervical Traction Device, Electrotherapy pulse massage aids in the relief of weariness. Cervical traction is a safe and effective method for treating improper posture, muscle rigidity, and pain. The air pump is located inside the controller, away from the user's ear, which reduces noise when in use.

Apply Our Neck Pulse Massager Cervical Traction Device, relaxing heat therapy to hurting neck muscles with 3 temperature settings. When the heat is paired with the neck stretch, the stretch is increased and tense muscles are released. The use of high-quality ABS and PC materials makes the neck more comfortable.

Many additional regions of the body, such as the legs, back, joints, arms, and so on, can be massaged using 2 external electrode massage pads. Frequency impulses assist block pain signals and reducing pain by conducting to the nerves. The airbag will cease inflating and provide an audible warning if it is overcharged.

Neck discomfort and other medical disorders that impact the spine can be helped by giving 2 different degrees of elevation at the same time. 3 modes, each with 12 levels, use electrical impulses to communicate to deep skin and simulate a variety of massages to induce deep cervical spine relaxation.

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