6Pcs Wood Therapy Massage Tools

6Pcs Wood Therapy Massage Tools

6Pcs Wood Therapy Massage Tools

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Massage Your Body With These Uniques 6Pcs Wood Therapy Massage Tools. Check The Details To Know More

✅ The component of the wooden massage tool that comes into contact with human flesh is polished, the surface is smooth, burr-free, will not scratch the skin, and it is sturdy. To maintain it clean after usage, wipe it down first with a wet towel and then with a dry towel.

✅ The entire massage toolset can efficiently stimulate lymphatic drainage, relax muscles, reduce cellulite, relieve fatigue, and tighten the skin for a body-sculpting effect. This is a fantastic design!

✅ Massage tools are built with a handle so that you can easily massage your body. Our massage instruments for wood therapy are both soothing and convenient to use. It is easy to use and has an excellent, comfy, and ergonomic design. It may be used to massage the head, arms, legs, stomach, and back, among other parts of the body.

✅ Our goods are made to make the user experience better. This collection of hardwood massage implements has been meticulously crafted from the start of production. All of our products have been thoroughly tested for materials, shapes, and textures to ensure that they are of the best quality. You can make a purchase with confidence.

Pack Includes -
✅ Wooden Massage Cup*1
✅ Massage roller *1
✅ Gua Sha board*1
✅ Massage head *1
✅ Massage wood cubes*1
✅ Massage stick*1

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