50/10PCS Gel Pads For EMS Abdominal Trainer ICICOSMETIC

50/10PCS Gel Pads For EMS Abdominal Trainer ICICOSMETIC

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Do you wish to tone your muscles and abdomen? If yes, then this 50/10PCS Gel Pads for EMS Abdominal Trainer is the most perfect option for you. It provides great stimulation to your muscles and is highly durable for long-term use.

You can use these gel pads around 30 times or more, depending on how you use them. It is super easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is clean the skin with alcohol and apply these gel pads to the area and you’re all set.

It is made from superior quality material and is quite comfortable to use. It is very soft to touch and is it on your skin it comes with a strong adhesive. It is very skin-friendly and will not cause any irritation or allergies to your skin. It also has great viscosity.

It comes with a disposable vacuum pack that will protect these pads from getting dry or losing their stickiness. It is highly recommended to use them on clean and dry skin for long-term use. It is completely eco-friendly and has a very ergonomic design. These are the perfect option that will help to tone your muscles and abs.

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