5 pcs perfume atomiser bottles iciCosmetic™

Our collection of 5 pcs perfume atomiser bottles 5ml tiny refillable, perfume atomiser spray bottles is ideal for travel and departing, as well as being easy to refill and carry. It comes in five distinct hues, allowing you to refill with different perfumes or liquids without mixing. The spray nozzle is of good quality and simple to push, solid and durable, don't worry about them leaking into your luggage.
5 pcs 5ml pocket-size perfume atomiser spray bottles, 8*1.7 cm, ideal for travelling. The perfume atomisers container has a clear glass so you can watch the level of liquid and replace it in time. The bottle bottom has a filling hole, so you simply need to align the tube of the perfume bottle then press it up and down to fill without using any equipment.
To begin, remove the cap from the atomiser spray bottle and push the nozzle several times to exhaust the air within the second, remove the perfume bottle's lid, then point the bottom of the little spray bottle at the straw, and lastly, squeeze the mini spray bottle up and down repeatedly to fill it with scent.
5 pcs perfume atomiser bottles, fashion perfume spray bottles set includes 5 colours: Green, pink, gold, blue, rose (5 colour set), which will help you organise your different flavours and are suitable for both men and women. Visual Window, each bottle has a small window on the side of the body that allows you to see how much liquid is left.
Essential oils, perfumes, men's aftershave and scents, facial and body mists, and different water-based liquids, essences, toners, rosewater, and so on are all available in these refillable travel perfume containers. Handy The 5ml perfume bottle, making it very convenient and lightweight to keep in a purse or backpack, and you can take it with you everywhere you go.