3D Eyebrow Gel Brow Wax Pencil with Brush

3D Eyebrow Gel Brow Wax Pencil with Brush

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Are you tired of dealing with unruly brows that never seem to stay in place?

Our Gel Brow Wax Pencil with Brush is formulated with EUPHORBIA CERIFERA WAX and MICROCRYSTALLINE WAX for long-lasting hold. With super styling abilities that last for more than 12 hours, achieve a pro-set effect effortlessly. The uniquely angled tip ensures precise application, wrapping every messy hair with ease.

Convenient 2-in-1 Design

Experience the convenience of our 2-in-1 brow wax pencil. Featuring an angled tip on one end and a built-in brush on the other, it allows for quick and flexible brow styling without the need for wet sprays. The premium silver, easy-grip pen design offers simplicity, control, and comfort during application.

Waterproof & Sweat-Proof Formula

Our gel brow wax pencil features a waterproof and sweat-proof formula, ensuring long-lasting wear without smudging or flaking. The transparent and odorless texture blends seamlessly with all skin tones and hair colors, defining brows with a natural finish.

Achieve 3D Feathery Neat Brows

Craft perfectly neat and feathery brows with our clear waxy texture. Use it to refine brow color and fill in sparse areas, regardless of whether your brows are thick or sparse. The result? Beautifully defined brows that enhance your overall look. Achieve Perfect Brows with Our Gel Brow Wax Pencil with Brush, Pro-Set Brow Styling Power

Built-in Brush for Precise Styling

Equipped with a soft and flexible silicone brush, our gel brow wax pencil effortlessly combs and styles eyebrows with precision. Portable and easy to clean, this brush reduces brow shedding and ensures flawless application every time.

Reshape Your Brow Style Effortlessly

Reshape and tame unruly brows with ease using our clear eyebrow wax pencil. Simply brush it on and let it stay to give you a flawless look that lasts all day. The non-sticky waterproof formula is comfortable to wear and works great with other brow products.

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