Professional Hair Dryer iciCosmetic™

Is this for you?

This sleek Professional Hair Dryer iciCosmetic™ has everything you need for lush, smooth, bouncy hair, and on top of that, it’s extremely cute. 

Concentrators For Hair Straightening

Enjoy smooth and sleek results by attaching one of the concentrates, then grab a round brush and move it through a section of your hair as the blow dryer moves along with it.

With a powerful built-in ion generator, it neutralizes the positive ions in damaged hair to eliminate frizz, add shine and protect your hair from heat damage.

Diffuser For Adding Volume

It is designed to perfect the art of drying curly hair, offering even heat distribution for all types of curly hair. For best results, keep your head in an upright position and place the diffuser against the top of your head while scrunching your hair from bottom to top.
Oh, and some safety tips. Don’t use your hairdryer near water, and make sure you let it cool down before you put it away.