Finger Expander Ergonomic Hand Gripper Strength Trainer iciCosmetic

Finger Expander Ergonomic Hand Gripper Strength Trainer iciCosmetic

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Finger Expander Ergonomic Hand Gripper Strength Trainer. Check The Details To Know More

Description - Hand yoga is primarily intended for the rehabilitation and exercise of the fingers and general hand using various finger band tension levels. The silicone tensions exerted are stronger the more the fingers are spread out.

By simply swapping out the product, this product may be utilized for both right and left hands. The ergonomic design of this finger stretcher ensures a comfortable fit and optimum adjustment for each individual. It is mostly focused on the fingers and is a part of total hand rehabilitation and muscle therapy.

Features - For healthy hand and finger, many international professionals in diverse professions such as musicians, physical therapists, doctors, and technicians utilize hand yoga. Silicon finger band with excellent flexibility, as well as high-quality neoprene and a strap, make this product ideal for anyone! You can exercise your fingers individually or in groups with varying tension forces.

This ergonomic design allows you to exercise with the most range of motion possible. Anyone with a comfortable fit can wear an adjustable wristband, regardless of wrist circumference.  You will not need to purchase any additional items for your hand training.

You may use it anywhere to train your right and left hands in a straightforward method. There are three tension options: 20 lbs, 40 lbs, and 60 lbs.

Who Needs Hand Yoga?
✅ Physical/rehabilitation therapist.
✅ Doctors, technicians, etc. who need elaborate manual labor.
✅ A musician like pianist, violinist, etc.
✅ Occupations that frequently use computer keyboard such as office workers.

Packing List - 1*Finger Extensor Exerciser

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