Electric shock mosquito killer lamp

Electric shock mosquito killer lamp

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Electric Shock Mosquito Killer Lamp. Check The Details To Know More

Works on a Wide Range of Insects - Use the mosquito killer +A to keep insects at bay. Mosquitoes, gnats, Aedes mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other insects are attracted to a 15W high-intensity ultraviolet Electronic lamp that emits a specific wavelength of 365nm. When an insect approaches the flytrap, the zapper's internal electric grid kills the insect quickly.

Safety & Environmentally Friendly - Our Bug Zapper is EPA registered and built of fireproof and convenient ABS material that can withstand high temperatures. Meet the fly zapper that works without the use of chemicals, insecticides, or toxic sprays, relying solely on the effect of current to electrocute mosquitoes when they come into contact. The inside grid is securely guarded with a plastic housing to prevent inadvertent touch, ensuring that your children and dogs are kept safe.

Tough Waterproof Mosquito Killer - The insect zapper's inside and outdoor use are both restricted by the bug zapper's waterproof design. Regardless of the weather, whether it's sunny or raining, simply install a mosquito trap where you need it.

Powerful and Reliable - This 15w high-powered electric bug zapper has a coverage area of up to 2100 sq. ft. (12-acre coverage). Indoor/outdoor/backyard/home bug control has been stable and effective thanks to a 4000V grid with 3-4 times the power of alternative insect killers.

Easy to Assemble & Clean - Our portable bug zapper is simple to put together. Simply set the electric bug killer on a level surface or hang it from a tree or porch with the help of a handy black big ring. Mosquito Killer features a safety guard to prevent contact with the lamp, as well as a removable tray and a brush for cleaning maintenance after extended use.

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