USB Infrared Heating Jacket

USB Infrared Heating Jacket

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anyUSB Infrared Heating Jacket. Check The Details To Know More

Maintain Your Body's Warmth - Quality carbon fiber heat components and three heating levels (131°F, 122°F, and 113°F) are built in to create consistent heat for six core body areas, including your neck, back, belly, and waist, assisting in body warmth, blood circulation, and muscular tension relief.

USB-Powered for Longer Heat - Powered by a portable charger with a 2A or 2.4A USB output to keep heat in and withstand the elements. This polished heated vest can keep you warm for up to 7 hours at Low Level, 5 hours at Medium Level, and 3 hours at High Level when plugged into any power bank.

Adjustable Size - The vest now has four zippers on each side, allowing the overall size of the heated gear to be adjusted to fit different body shapes.

Experiment with several zipper choices to achieve your perfect snug fit that will keep you warm on the inside while also giving you an outdoorsy vibe on the exterior.

Lightweight Design - Quilted, lightweight design with exquisite internal lining provides unconstrained comfort and coziness in the fall and winter.

You may layer this unisex usb heated vest over a variety of tops to add a touch of flair for sophisticated aesthetics thanks to the front zipper.

Effortless Maintenance - To preserve the quality of the heated vest and extend its service life, hand wash it or place it in a mesh laundry bag for machine washing. Before the next usage, drip dry the heated vest in a cool, well-ventilated area. The heated vest should not be bleached, ironed, or dry-cleaned.

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