15/pcs Makeup Brush Set iciCosmetic™

Take your makeup artistry to the next level with our 15/Pcs Makeup Brush Set, a collection of elegant face and eye brushes that offer all you need to achieve polished full-face looks.
Makeup Brushes 15 Pcs Set ™
The comprehensive collection makes color placement and blending a breeze, with brushes ranging from the plushest Powder Brush to the most precise Pencil Brush, a decadent collection of face and eye brushes that offer perfect application, seamless coverage, and flawless definition.
Makeup brush Set With Bag
This brush set gives you all the essentials you need to apply makeup like a pro. Enjoy a free makeup bag to store your new brush set.
Brush For Makeup Daily Use


 Professional quality.
 Great for Blending powders, creams, & liquids.
 Light and breathable texture.
 Suitable for professional use or home use.
 Easy to clean and quick drying.
 Sturdy and light Birchwood handles have a comfortable design.
 Beautiful storage bag.