Neck & Face Wrinkles Remover iciCosmetic

Neck & Face Wrinkles Remover iciCosmetic

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Do you have the following neck issues bothering you? Or do you suffer pain from the neck/shoulder every day because of years of overwork, cellphone overuse or bad gestures at work, etc?

Neck Wrinkles Remover Make your way to tighter, younger-looking skin with a daily short massaging routine that will eliminate skin fatigue, wrinkles, and toxins. It also has pain relief properties and can be used in the pain area for pain relief.

Unique Electric Anti-aging Skin Lifting Neck Massager is a unique design device that works on smart vibration, heating, and cooling technology and light therapy to help relax the neckline muscles and to firm the skin, resulting in smoother and silkier skin.

Facts About the Ageless Neck and Face Massager do for Your Skin?
    • Promotes skin elasticity, smooth texture, and tone
    • Promotes nutrient absorption
    • Supports collagen production
    • Promotes skin metabolism
    • Infuses energy into skin cells
It can be used in the front of the neck and at the back of it as well as shoulders, it has pain relief properties and can be used in pain areas for pain relief.


  • High-frequency vibration in 6,000 per minute can rapidly activate the cells, increase the elasticity of neck skin, relieve neck wrinkles, restore skin firmness, and promote lymphatic drainage.
  • Three gears switch to be used, first gear in room temperature, second gear heating in 50 ℃±5 ℃, third gear heating with vibration intensity increased,3 gears use of random switching
  • Sound reminder time in every minute, more user-friendly.
  • The arc shape fit neck and body lines, seamlessly massage
  • Product Head in red, blue, orange three lights, matching with three gears use.
  • It can help to double absorb essence; the essence can directly penetrate into the skin under the high-frequency vibration 6000times/min, make it easier to absorb skincare products
  • USB cable charging, easy and portable

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