LCD Laser Plasma Pen Skin Tags Mole Wart Removal Device

LCD Laser Plasma Pen Skin Tags Mole Wart Removal Device

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Here's the Laser Plasma Pen that will help you look good and feel good about your face.
Best Laser Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that can be used to treat various skin concerns. The device can assist with: Eyelid tightening (including lower eyelids and excess upper eyelid skin) Removal of skin imperfections (including skin tags and sunspots) Improving the appearance of acne scars.

Our laser-plasma pen for skin tags and warts removal is a machine that adopts high technology and electric ion carbonation, which can effectively get rid of freckles instantly, as well as senile plaquesflat molestattoos, and more. It is completely safe to use and causes no bleeding or side effects.
Laser Plasma Pen Reviews
  • Stainless steel spot pens are non-toxic, hygienic, uneasy to rust for secure use.
  • 5-speed adjustable power and frequency adjustment for different treatments, which is reliable, useful, and convenient.
  • Unique electric ion technology, it has no bleeding in the process, no side effects after using, helps you achieve medical beauty.
  • This product simplifies complex laser instrumentation on the market, has a similar effect of Wrinkle Mole Tattoo Removal as laser and it has relatively low energy and frequency compared to the laser and the degree of skin damage is negligible.

Three Head Functions

  1. Fine Needle. It can be used for moles, warts, skin tags, freckles, dark spots, and pigmentation removal.
  2. Firming Skin Head. It has an anti-wrinkle and firming effect on the skin.
  3. Import Essence Head. It helps in skin regeneration.

Laser Plasma Pen Instructions


  1. Avoid the sun and SPA for 3 days after the treatment.
  2. Try not to remove the scab yourself and let it naturally fall off your skin to reduce the chance of a scar.
  3. If the lesion is deep, may do several sessions rather than one long session with strong touch.
  4. Always use moving motion when treatment rather than stay on just one spot which , can cause scar.
  5. Use Tip several times with short touch and moving motion.
  6. Do not use hyperpigmentation on an epidermis as a freckle.

How To Use Laser Plasma Pen

Packing includes:

  • 1 x magic plasma Pen
  • 4 x Fine Needle
  • 1 x Flat Round Head
  • 1 x Striated Round Head
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Charge Plug
  • 1 x Package Box

Laser Plasma Pen for Warts Removal

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