Women's High Stockings Warm Over Knee Socks Soft Wool iciCosmetic™

Wearing high knee socks in winter can give you great protection from the cold and will also give you warmness. Besides, it looks great on any outfit and enhances your overall look. If you are in search of high knee socks that are super stylish and warm, then this Women's High Stockings Warm Over Knee Socks Soft Wool is the perfect option for you.

 These socks are made from a cotton blend and are very soft to touch. It gives you great comfort and it is quite breathableto allow air ventilation. This material is very stretchable and consists of high cotton content. These socks are made of superior quality and are highly durable for long-term use.

The designs of these socks are very classy and beautiful. It comes in various vibrant colours so that you can pair it up with any of your dresses. You can also wear these socks on a daily basis while going to a meeting, college, shopping, etc. The material is quite thick and thus, it provides great warmth during the cold weather. It also has a vintage design that goes well with anything that you wear.

The length of these socks is perfect and it provides a non-binding holdon the foot. It has a moisture wicking qualityto absorb your sweat and keep your feet dry and cool. It gives you a velvety feel and is very silky to touch. It is very light in weight and is absolutely skin-friendly so that it does not cause any itchiness. This is also a perfect gift option for your family, friends, etc on the occasion of birthday, anniversary, Christmas day, thanksgiving, mother’s day etc.