Body Shaper Slimming Weight Loss Shapewear ICICOSMETIC™

Take your workout to the next level with our Bodysuit Shaper. This bodysuit is designed to increase your body temperature and will make you sweat.

Why is sweating important?
Sweating will increase burning fat and will lead to weight loss. Wear this while you exercise or just wear it while doing everyday chores and watch the weight drop.

The outer texture of the bodysuit is designed to absorb the sweat, moisture, so you're always dry and feel comfortable while wearing it.


✅ Sweat more than usual.
✅ Increase your metabolism.
✅ Increase your mental and physical endurance.
✅ Help in burning tummy fat.
✅ Reducing abdomen and waist.
 Lose weight fast by burning more calories.
 Helps you correct your posture.
✅ Suits for Zumba, yoga, gym, fitness, running, cycling and much more sports.

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