Whitening bleaching cream Soap iciCosmetic™

With the aid of this natural brilliant, you may get a brighter skin tone and a more radiant complexion. Soap bar with whitening bleaching lotion will give the skin of your private parts a healthy glow and clean. Our potent solution will deeply cleanse all skin, leaving it fresh and free of imperfections. Instantly brightens dull skin and provides a healthy, glowing complexion.
Because of our whitening bleaching cream Soap, your skin will feel smoother than silk and seem considerably brighter. When compared to other so-called brighteners, our soap is more concentrated with potent actives, which is why our consumers keep coming back for more. The one-of-a-kind mix contains natural fruit extracts as well as a vital protein that is ideal for damaged skin.

Because of its high content of natural fruit components, Whitening bleaching cream Soap will indicate sun damage to your skin. This soap has the brightening characteristics of apricot, which promotes the appearance of brighter, more youthful-looking skin. This nourishing cleanser nourishes skin with natural fruit extracts and Vitamin E, leaving it highly moisturized and shining.
Our whitening bleaching cream Soap is completely safe for all skin types because it is made with natural components. The collagen soap's components will nurture and hydrate your skin while also leaving a lovely lasting aroma. To preserve even skin tone, use a minimum of sunscreen every day. Use it on a regular basis, regardless of your skin type, for sensitive and normal skin.
During the day, use the whitening bleaching cream soap on your face and whole body. Dampen skin and massage lightly for 1 minute. Allow drying after rinsing. To avoid further skin discoloration, use our Whitening bleaching cream Soap, sunscreen Skin Protect on a regular basis. Natural fruit extracts are the best-kept secret for more luminous skin, even dry skin.
  • Intimate Hygiene
  • Maximize the benefits
  • Natural safe formula
  • Moisturizing nourish repair
  • Hydrating lighten dull skin tone
  • Private parts whitening soap
  • Repair thick pores dilute the axillary dull
  • Organic natural whitening soap
  • Net wt: 80g