Water Mesotherapy Injector Hydrolifting Tighten Skin Device

Instantly inject skincare products such as essence and smoothing toner
into the skin, so that the skincare is no longer lost and can quickly
replenish nutrition. Moisturizes skin improves skin tone, helps you achieve
whitening and revitalizes skin, It also accelerates metabolism, shrinks pores, and makes the skin firmer and smoother. It can fill loose skin, reduce facial fine lines, crow's feet and tighten the skin.
Skin rejuvenation, remove wrinkles and pigmentation, enhance skin
metabolism, anti-ageing. Suitable for endogenous and exogenous
injections, adjustable injection depth, dose, speed and suction.
The lightweight and portable bodies are made of advanced aviation
materials. The overall weight is less than 1.5kg, and the weight of the
syringe is less than 1kg. It is super portable and easy to
visit and operate.
Low noise, no leakage, high precision, very safe to use, continuous 
use for a long time, no need to worry about power failure during
the injection process, more convenient. With its super energy-saving
technology, when it is not working, the standby
power is zero.
A Portable EZ negative pressure water machine is a water-light
machine. The detachable butt type negative pressure handle can not
only complete the injection of the water machine, but also the
hyaluronic acid injection when the negative
pressure handle is removed.
The charging time is short, and the continuous use time is long.
The single charge can last 8000 injections for 2 hours, and the
number of injections reaches more than 80 people. There is no need
to worry about power failure during the injection process. greatly 
reducing the frequency of customers replacing equipment and
saving equipment investment costs. UK Plug Availability. 
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