Vitamin C lift firm brightening eye cream iciCosmetic™

Vitamin C lift firm brightening eye cream was designed to care for mature skin. It is designed to be used on a regular basis to care for the skin on the eyelids and around the eyes. It can be used both in the morning and at night. Unfilled nourishing eye cream with active ingredients is meant for the everyday treatment of older skin's eyelids and eye region. 
The skin around the eyes is obviously hydrated and elastic after applying the cream. The epidermis has been thoroughly smoothed, and wrinkles have been decreased. Because of the delayed absorption process, the preparation's active components function for a long time and profoundly, slowing the ageing process.
Vitamin C lift firm brightening eye cream active form of vitamin C and almond oil relieves skin tension and suppleness while reducing wrinkle visibility. Hydraprotectol deeply hydrates and tones the skin around the eyes. The skin is nourished and smoothed with almond oil.
The active form of vitamin C (Bi-layer Capsule C) encapsulated in phospholipids and resistant to oxidation can pass the epidermal barrier. It reaches the deeper layers of the skin, where it has a positive influence on collagen. It minimises wrinkles and neutralises free radicals.
Vitamin C lift firm brightening eye cream has no animal-derived components. It has undergone dermatological testing and is suited for mature skin. Apply the lotion to the area around the eyes and gently spread it. Use both day and night.
  • Vitamin C Brightening Eye Serum
  • Net Content: 20ml/0.67fl.oz
  • Powerful collagen-boosting formula
  • Silky smooth & non-greasy
  • Results are seen within 4-8 weeks
  • Perfect for mature skin
  • Innovative ingredients