UV gel polish nail art iciCosmetic™

UV gel polish nail art covers your nails with a single application and allows you can modify the strength of the nude tone by adding one or more layers for complete cover, French nails, and Babyboomer. Nail extension will cover up the nail's flaws and imperfections while also helping to restore the contour of the nail. Builder Gel may provide nails with excellent endurance and long-lasting strength while being cruelty-free, low odor, and safe on natural nails.
Our UV gel cover is appropriate for both beginners and experts. It has a medium viscosity to a thicker consistency, is stable, and prevents it from flowing into the nail edge. Nail builder gel with a healthy high-flow formulation that is easy to distribute and self-leveling will make your manicure easier. Because of the honey effect, this UV gel is very easy to apply.
Unwanted application bumps will be promptly removed. Non-professionals will benefit the most. This elasticity of the manicure gel makes it stronger than other conventional building gels while being remarkably comparable to real nails. Smear evenly and allow to harden under UV light; it will not chip, shatter, or peel off easily. Even inexperienced nail technicians may achieve flawless results. Even inexperienced users may achieve flawless artificial nails that endure for more than three weeks.
Do you have a dual UV/LED device? The UV gel then hardens entirely in 60 seconds in LED. The UV Gel Cover hardens in 120 seconds when exposed to a standard UV light. Save time at work! Hard builder gel may be used to accomplish nail sculpting, french nail art, shell nail, dry flower nails, glitter nails, rhinestone nails, gradient nail art, and blending nails in addition to extending and strengthening your nails.
Do you like your fingernails to have a natural, naked appearance? You can conjure this up for any consumer with this universal noodle, which is ideal for full cover, French, or baby boomers. Under the nail light, form the builder gel.
  • Tip: (Because the cold weather reduces the fluidity of the gel. If your gel stops flowing, don't panic; simply immerse it in hot water for 3-5 minutes and it will be perfect for working.) 
  • NET WT: 50g, 
  • Ingredient: Resin, 
  • Quantity: 1Pc, 
  • Shades: 7 Shades Available.