Laser hair growth comb iciCosmetic™

Now get more fat, richer and healthier hair!          

 Need affordable hair loss treatments? Then get this amazing electric hair growing comb. Hair loss treatment has proven excellent results at a specialized clinic and has tried and tested the techniques.        

Professional electric laser hair growth comb for making your hair healthier and stronger.           


The science of laser hair growth: in clinical research, hair follicles weaken with time, and in reality it does not stop growing. Using advanced laser light technology, our laser hair growth comb stimulates scalp and helps hair regeneration from root.
Gives energy to the weak hair folds under the skin's surface effectively and brings stronger, thicker, healthier hair.


Grow thicker, stronger, healthier hair: comb massager kills bacteria, stimulates points on scalp, expands capillaries and accelerates blood circulation. It also stimulates skin and hair cells, stimulates blood cells and reduces flake. Our laser hair growth comb can save you a lot of money at the hair growth clinic or dermatology clinic.  
Surprising results: most users have confirmed the results in consistent use for 2 to 4 months a day. For best results, use 10 to 15 minutes per day. Results may be observed in only 2 weeks. Suitable for both men and women from 18 to 80 years old



1) move the laser comb / brush back and forth every 4 seconds, move 10 to 15 minutes per session, 3 times a week 


2) keep your scalp clean before using laser comb. Do not use laser comb for hair with gel, cream, spray or other common hair products. However, it can be used either wet or dry hair.          


3) put the laser comb on your hands after putting the power. Please move slowly. Place a few seconds on the spot and slowly move to another spot. Start from front of hair line and return to the back. Always cover all areas of the head.  


4) laser brushes / comb for hair growth are recommended for both 18 and 80 years old men and women to make surprising results in 2-4 months.