Foot reflexology massager iciCosmetic™

Are you looking for a great foot massager machine? If yes, then this Foot Reflexology Massager is the ideal option for you. This is an EMS foot circulation device that helps to improve blood circulation. It targets the acupuncture points that are connected to different parts of your body and will give you great relaxation.
This device uses electrical stimulation therapy to give microcurrent pulses to your neuromuscular muscles. It is a highly effective device that will provide you relief. It comes with 9 intensity levels and six vibrating modes that you can adjust as per your requirements. It is quite convenient to monitor the level as it is displayed on the LCD screen. It provides a deep massage that will relieve your muscles.

This massager also helps to make you look healthy and beautiful. It stimulates muscle contraction to reduce swelling and also helps to look slim. It also strengthens your muscle to give you a healthy and fit body. It is super easy to clean this device.
It is ideal for people who do regular exercises, bike rides, dancing, wear high heels, etc. This is also a perfect gift option for your family, friends, relatives, etc. It provides great relaxation to your feet and works efficiently. You can use this massager any time by watching TV, reading books or during work.