Slim Belt Corset Trimmer Body Shaper Waist Trainer iciCosmetic™

 Do you wish to look slimmer instantly while wearing your favourite dress? If yes, then this Slim Belt Corset Trimmer Body Shaper Waist Trainer is the ideal option for you. It is made from superior quality neoprene composite fabric and is highly durable for long-term use. It is very comfortable to wear and you can adjust it easily without any hassle.


 This corset trainer is very stretchable and completely free from latex. It is easy to clean and is absolutely skin-friendly. It will not irritate or pinch your skin and will provide a great fit. It comes with a double loop and hooks design that will make sure that it fits perfectly. The back of this trainer includes special mesh fabric that is breathable and allow air ventilation.

This corset is quite wide and can easily wrap around your belly region. It is perfect for all body types and provides a great compression that will help you to reduce the fat from your tummy and waist area. It also holds in your stomach and provides you with a gorgeous hourglass figure.

The fabric used in this corset can make your muscles warm and also promotes blood circulation. It helps to increase the body temperature and produce more sweat for effective weight loss. It also helps to burn more calories to lose that extra weight from your body. You can use this slim corset post-pregnancy, while doing workouts, etc.

It provides strong back support and comes with 360° shaping. It has five steel bones that will provide great support to your back and sides. It also helps to improve the posture and provide relief from waist pain. This is the perfect option to prevent back pain, herniated disc and also protect your spine.